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Sumptuous Black Currant – CurrantC

Sumptuous Black Currant
NYS – Greg Quinn – CurrantC

“Walnut Grove Farm, the home of CurrantC is located in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley. During the short summer harvest, CurrantC also sells its fresh black currants and throughout the rest of the year farm fresh frozen currants are available. Currants have been virtually unknown in the U.S. because commercial cultivation was nationally banned in 1911 by an act of Congress initiated by the lumber industry.”

FAQ #1: Organic practices on currants

“Are your currents are raised using organic methods?

“We are not certified organic. It’s actually quite difficult to get certification for small family type farms. The good news is that Currants are pretty disease and insect resistant. We do have issues annually with weeds and to combat the unwanted growth we deploy our mechanical weeder. This giant arm attaches to the side of our tractor and it’s fingers spin continuously ripping out any unwanted growth. There is a fungus that’s been showing up in the spring on the plants and as of this writing, I’ve been successful in controlling it by pruning out the affected branches. Interestingly enough, this disease is not only not harmful to people, it actually stimulates the development of more antioxidants in the plant to help fight off the disease. These are the same antioxidants that we use to fight off diseases in our bodies so ironically, plants that have this disease have healthier berries!”