Sumptuous Travel Size Bottles

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We offer this size in four flavors - Black Currant, Yellow Ginger, Tart Cherry, and Lemon 3 Basil.
You can purchase one bottle of each flavor or 3 or 4 bottles of one flavor.

All Sumptuous Syrups are very concentrated. A little goes a long way. Each bottle has 12 servings! Use one or 2 teaspoons in 8-16 oz of water or seltzer or other beverage, or in 2 oz of your favorite liquor. A drizzle on or in your food.

The serving size is one and a half teaspoons = ¼ oz. 12 servings in a 100 ml bottle. 25 calories. 6 grams of sugar, 7 carbs, 1 point on Weight Watchers.

Refrigerate after opening so you can enjoy every drop!

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Sumptuous Black Currant; Organic cane sugar, water, Black Currant concentrate Sumptuous Yellow Ginger: Organic cane sugar, water, organic yellow ginger, Sumptuous Tart Cherry: Organic cane sugar, water, Tart Cherry juice Sumptuous Lemon 3 Basil: Organic cane sugar, water, Organic Basil, organic lemon juice.

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