Sumptuous Black Currant
Sumptuous Lemon 3 Basil
VT – Provender Farm – Cabot VT and Mystic Morning Farm – Greensboro Bend VT –
Provender Farm, LLC, established in 2010, is a 160 acre diversified farm located in lovely Cabot, VT.  We grow organic vegetables and fruits for our neighbors and local community and are a self sufficient farm with values that respect the natural world around us.  In addition to our gardens we maintain orchards, a formal, topiary garden, a sugar bush, a shitake mushroom operation, and an assortment of animals that provide us with fertilizer, eggs and meat.  We believe strongly in being good stewards of the land, living communally so we can teach and learn from others, feeding those around us and creating beautiful and long lasting landscapes. 
We are also home to WoodBelly Pizza which owns and operates a mobile, wood fired oven where we bake our own sourdough, hand-mixed pizzas with an assortment of homegrown produce and local VT products.  WoodBelly sells at two local Farmers’ Markets and Provender Farm produce can be found at the Buffalo Mtn Co-op and at Riverside Farm’s CSA.  Provender Farm is owned and operated by Dawn Andrews, Jonah Bourne and Lindsey Scott as well as a seasonal crew.