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Sumptuous Yellow Ginger – A Drop Of Joy

Sumptuous Yellow Ginger
Peru – A Drop of Joy
Joshua Pfeil–

“The organic yellow ginger is single-sourced from the jungles of central Peru. The independent farmers deliver their crop to a state of the art facility where it is washed mechanically and manually in compliance with NOP guidelines.

I receive the rhizome and process it into a juice in a climate-controlled processing room and freeze the juice after processing. This means the crop is refrigerated immediately after the washing process in Peru, loaded onto a refrigerated freight container on-site, shipped in the same refrigerated container to the Atlantic coast of the United States, shipped in a refrigerated truck to my facility from the cold-storage warehouse, received into my cold-controlled room, processed and frozen. It stays cold from the day it is washed until it is juiced and frozen.

I have not looked into this deeply but ginger may have a lower carbon footprint than crops imported to Vermont from California. Ship freight has a very low carbon footprint and the crop does most of its miles on a ship.

I was able to eat with the people of the region, walk with the farmers through the farms where the ginger is grown and work alongside the employees of the ginger processing plant. They are a beautiful, gracious and powerful community and I feel connected to them every time I look at those potent hands of ginger.”

With Gratitude, Joshua